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Demountable walls…what are they?  They are a type of wall system, considered architectural in nature and installed as furniture.  They can be uninstalled, moved, and re-installed in new configurations, allowing the end-user to have maximum flexibility within an ever evolving workplace.  These moveable walls are replacing the typical stud and drywall construction in corporate interiors, and for good reason.

Sustainable & Eco

These walls come pre-fabricated from the factory to your exact specifications.  Dust and debris from normal construction is minimized.


As a designer I often hear, “I wish our conference room could accommodate a few more seats.”  Within a few hours not weeks, reconfiguration is possible, and normal work can resume almost immediately.

Lower Construction Costs

On average construction costs are 10%-15% less.

Less Electrical and Data Wiring

All walls come prewired with all your electrical and data specifications.  Your electricians job is made easy.

So Many Finishes

Walls can be customized with treatments like glass, laminate, white boards, and more.

Sound Transmission Class (STC)

Typically these walls have a higher STC rating (42-47) than a standard drywall wall (33-37).

Tax Benefits

Walls can be depreciated over a much shorter term: usually 3,5, or 7 years.




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