Who We Are

EMID Design Group is a collaborative design firm specializing in commercial, healthcare, and residential interior design.  For interior design to be successful, we believe it must embody the values that are important to its inhabitants. The type of work done and the culture of the space should be apparent by simply looking at your interior. Your space should be a reflection of your vision and goals, as well as spark creativity and inspire.

Our Vision

“Affordable, durable, beautiful, and most of all…SUSTAINABLE.”

The Workshop

We only have one world.  Preserving its well-being is necessary for us to thrive.  EMID Design Group does its part in maintaining this mission.  In addition to our many wonderful trade partners and vendors, EMID has become a leading pioneer in a special line of sustainable furniture for the workplace. 

We personally search, assess, and acquire original Herman Miller workstations from across the country.  When they arrive at our docks, we disassemble and store all of the parts in our 20,000 square foot warehouse.  Our design team reimagines these stations to meet your personal office needs. Instead of ending up in a landfill, we repurpose this iconic line of furniture to suit your exact needs.

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