Hang Your Light Fixture At The Perfect Height Every Time

I can’t tell you how often I get the frantic call from a home owner or contractor exclaiming, “We are ready to hang the chandelier, how high should it be?”.  Or a photo text of a hand holding a sconce up to the wall asking, “Here??? Or lower??”. Let me shed some light (hehe, pun intended) on these common questions.

Dining Room Chandelier: I like to set my height for standard size light fixtures that reside over a table at 58″-60″ from bottom of fixture to the floor.  I don’t worry about the distance from the table top to the fixture because all standard tables are 29″-30″ high. If the light fixture is extra large is work within 60″-66″ from bottom of fixture to floor.  The height of the ceiling is mostly irrelevant to me.  There are always exceptions, but this rule applies to most every light fixtures I hang.


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