All About: Wallpaper! Go Big or Go Home

I love using wallpaper.  It’s a very luxurious way to add flare to your space.  There is a bit of technicality associated with the installation of wallpaper, but here are three easy steps to ensure you end up with a beautiful install:

  1. Prep walls: Walls need to be smooth.  A good drywall person is imperative.  You want to instruct them that your walls need to be a Level IV or V finish.
  2. Prime your walls: Wallpaper adhere’s to water based primer.  Make sure your painter coats the walls with one.  I use Bullseye 1-2-3.
  3. Find a good paper installer that has over a decade of experience.  I like to use installers that hang wallpaper in commercial spaces.  Usually, they have great expertise.

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