The Big Reveal is Here! Introducing…

The tease is over and I’m humbled and grateful to finally announce that I have taken over Interior Services and Design (ISD) and hope to be the new face of workspaces in the Fresno area! Here’s our story…

ISD is a commercial design firm that specializes in sourcing original Herman Miller Ethospace workstations from office spaces throughout the country.  Yes, I said Herman Miller, designer of the iconic Eames Chair and many other amazing pieces. ISD has, and will continue to, source hundreds of these workstations, so that we have a large quantity of stock at all times. Our depth of stock and in-house finishing capabilities allows us to refurbish our product to a client’s exact specifications regarding color, upholstery, and configuration. The result is classic Herman Miller edge with the fresh look of what’s trending in workspaces today. It is affordable, sustainable, durable, and the cherry on top…design forward.

My company purchased ISD this April and with the help of the previous team (Jeannine, Bertha, Maggie, Larry, and Maria Lena) we are full steam ahead.  There was a very steep learning curve in the beginning, but I am having a blast.  I love working with all the wonderful new and repeat clients.

You may have never heard of them, but ISD has been around for over 20 years and I’m dedicated to carrying on the original owner, Laurie Eckburg’s, vision.  ISD has never had a website (NO WEBSITE EVER), but we are here to say…3…2…1….Blast Off!  Interior Services and Design Website!

Hugs and Warm Regards,


PS – The EMID team (Kelli, Hollie, and Olivia) is also busy, busy, busy with new residential projects. So, whether you need a new office, a new home, or just a refresh to your current situation, ISD and EMID are at your service! Can’t wait to hear from you! XOXO

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