Today we are talking about lighting!!! Ambient, direct, LED, halogen, low-voltage, florescent, along with my favorite table lamps, floor lamps, chandeliers, sconces, and more.  There should always be multiple sources of light in every room.  Generally it’s a combination of ambient and direct lighting.

Treat a light fixture as if it were a piece of art.

Show it off, don’t go for drab, when you can opt for fab!

Edison bulbs are so much fun. They add an unexpected industrial touch to a home.  They don’t give off very much light, so make sure it’s not your only source.

LED and Longevity lighting:  Due to its long life and energy efficiency, LED light fixtures are so popular, and here to stay.  Color is important! 3000K is a great color for most applications.  It’s a nice white light, but not too bright.  2700K gives off a bit more of an yellow glow, while anything over 3000K is brighter and whiter.  Fun Fact: Tiffany and Co. has custom made 4100K LED strip lights to highlight every sparkle of their jewelry.



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