RPM Public Relations

PHOTOGRAPHY | Ellie Koleen


It was a professional highlight when public relations maven, Rae Pardini Matson employed our services to design her new headquarters.  Chic, poised, edgy, coy, cute, engaging, intelligent, insightful, proper, original, innovative, darling, perceptive, driven…these are all the words that come to mind when I think of Rae. We were lucky to start with a clean, industrial slate. The space was a 30 x 30 foot box, with sealed concrete floors and exposed ducting.  What came from that stark box is now a fully functional office and event space that highlights Rae’s brand perfectly.

The RPM PR team works collaboratively, so it was important to offer maximum flexibility when it comes to communication.  A large work station, known in the commercial world as a “bench”, seats six team members. The Inscape RockIt bench provides power, storage, and workspace for each individual, while allowing a more collaborative work environment. When more privacy is desired, lightweight acoustic partitions can be easily affixed to the center rail.

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