New Project Reveal! RPM PR Headquarters

It was a professional highlight when public relations maven, Rae Pardini Matson (get it??? RPM PR) called on our services to design her new headquarters office.  Chic, poised, edgy, coy, cute, engaging, intelligent, insightful, proper, original, innovative, darling, perceptive, driven…these are all the words that come to mind when I think of Rae.

Project Swift Kitchen Reveal

Written & Designed by: Olivia Schmitz, Senior Interior Designer, EMID Photography: Ellie Koleen Let me start by saying that I love my house. I love my house, but I HATED my kitchen! I purchased this house for the neighborhood, the open floor plan (which is nearly impossible to find in an old house), and theContinue reading “Project Swift Kitchen Reveal”

Un-Office the Office: 3 Easy Steps to Energize your Workspace

For the last year, I’ve been majorly honing my skills in corporate office design, all the while, still maintaining a rigorous residential design business.  I have met some amazing commercial designers, furniture manufacturers representatives, and business professionals that have all helped me along my way.  It has become very apparent to me that office designContinue reading “Un-Office the Office: 3 Easy Steps to Energize your Workspace”