Q&A With Rae Pardini Matson, CEO RPM PR

Today I am chatting with Rae Matson, Founder/CEO of RPM PR about the interior design of her new office.  Born and raised in Fresno, California Rae heads a team of creative and driven individuals who bring awareness and build audiences for their lifestyle-centric clients.

Erin: Tell me a little bit about your personal style.

RAE: I guess I would describe my personal style as feminine, risk-taking, trendy yet fitting (in more ways than one).

Erin: Where did you get inspiration for your office design?

Rae: The inspiration for the office design really comes from the RPM PR branding itself. I wanted to develop a look and feel for the firm that’s modern, minimalistic yet has a feminine flair.

Erin: We’ve had many conversations about your company culture, can you touch on some of those ideas and how you wanted them to translate into this design?

Rae: RPM PR takes a holistic approach in working with our clients, really acting as an extension of their brand in representing them. With that, our team naturally works very closely and collaboratively with our clients, the media and each other to produce quality and creative work. In harnessing that collaborative culture, I really wanted that to translate in the layout of the office. Erin Melkonian and her team very much captured that with our open collaborate workspace and lounge areas. It also makes for a thriving learning-focused environment for all.

Erin: What were some of your office must-haves?

Rae: Some of the RPM PR office must-haves included modern look-and-feel, something that was different and sparked creativity and an open/collaborative workspace. From there, I really let Erin and her team take the wheel and they truly surpassed my expectations.

Erin: I love how the wallpaper we selected has become a popular backdrop for RPM on social media and beyond.  It seems to be a great branding element for you.  Did you anticipate this design feature being so popular?

Rae: Quite honestly, no I didn’t. While I loved the wallpaper Erin selected for us, and I felt it really spoke to the RPM PR branding, I didn’t anticipate the popularity that it’s garnered. I will say, though, I did insist on having a neon sign (versus something a bit more traditional) and I’m very happy with how that compliments the emerald/metallic wallpaper.



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