EMID Office

“What surrounds us is what is within us.” – T.F. Hodge


For office design to be successful, it must embody the values that are important to your company. The type of work done and the culture of the office should be apparent by simply looking at your space. Your space should serve as a calling card for your company’s vision and goals, as well as spark creativity and bolster productivity for your employees.

EMID office is a full-service design firm that designs so that your UNIQUE company culture shines through your UNIQUE workspace. We offer forward-thinking amenities like standing desks, collaboration pods, and café-style lounges. From single workspaces to company-wide transformations, EMID office is here to bring your culture and vision to life through your surroundings.

Erin is fully immersed in the design of each and every office space.  She enjoys bringing her bold, energetic, and luxurious aesthetic into the workplace.

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