Meet the Team


Meet Erin

From a very early age Erin’s passion for creativity and beauty was the driving force in the way she viewed her world. Her mother fostered her creative side by teaching her the basic skills of painting, drawing, knitting, and sewing.  Erin meticulously envisions interiors with a fashion forward aesthetic.  She challenges the idea of what is standard, and pushes the boundary of beauty with her uniquely designed interiors.

Seeing the world through an artistic lens has allowed Erin to experiment in a number of different styles.  Everything she does with a space is deliberate.  Every piece has a purpose and has been thought about, from color, to position, to scale.  She now has a small team of designers with whom she often collaborates with to create the most unique and personal spaces for her clients.

Meet the Team

With over 100 years combined experience, the team at EMID expertly executes design jobs from single bath remodels to multi-level new commercial buildings.



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