About EMID


For interior design to be successful, we believe it must embody the values that are important to its inhabitants.  The type of work done and the culture of the space should be apparent by simply looking at your interior. Your space should be a reflection of your vision and goals, as well as spark creativity and inspire.  EMID design group is a collaborative design firm specializing in commercial, healthcare, and residential interior design.


Seeing the world through an artistic lens has allowed Erin to experiment in a number of different styles.  Everything she does with a space is deliberate.  Every piece has a purpose and has been thought about, from color, to position, to scale.  She now has a small team of designers with whom she often collaborates with to create the most unique and personal spaces for her clients.

Jeannine Solberg
Senior Project Manager
Kelli Kojababian
Director of Operations
Olivia Schmitz
Senior Project Manager
maggie Lopez
CAD Designer

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